How To

    Link your CNCT devices to your Alexa™

    Quickly and easily control your CNCT devices just by using just your voice with Amazon Alexa™.

    Before you can use Alexa with your CNCT devices you will need the following:
    CNCT intelliPLUG
    Amazon Echo™
    The Alexa App
    The CNCT App

    Linking CNCT to the Alexa App

    The linking process is easy as long as you have Remote Access working for your CNCT devices and your Amazon Echo is set up and working properly. Linking your CNCT to Alexa consists of two parts:

    Uploading your CNCT configuration to the cloud

    Open the CNCT App, click on Me, then click on Upload Configuration, and then click OK to start uploading.

     .   .  

    Pre-link procedures

    Enabling the CNCT Skill in the Alexa App

    Step 1 
    Before linking your accounts, you will need to have at least one CNCT device set up on your Wi-Fi and working on remote access.

    Step 2 
    Next, you will need to set up your Amazon Echo and ensure it is working.

    Enabling the CNCT Skill in the Alexa App

    Skills are new voice-driven capabilities that enhance the functionality of your Alexa device. You will need to add the CNCT Skill to your Alexa App to control your CNCT devices.

    Step 1

    Open your Alexa App and tap the Home Menu button at the upper left corner. Then tap on Skills. On the page that opens, search for “CNCT”.


    Step 2

    Click on the CNCT’s logo on the next page and then tap on the ENABLE button. Please login with your CNCT account on the next login page.


    Step 3 – Add your intelliPLUG device into the Alexa App.

    Go back to the Home Menu and tap on Smart Home. Then click on the “Add Device” button to add your intelliPLUG.


    Just like the following images, the Alexa App has succeeded to connect with your intelliPLUG.


    You are now free to voice command the Alexa to control your intelliPLUG device, just say: “Alexa, turn on the intelliPLUG”, then your device will turn on without manual control.

    Little Notice about renaming your device name.

    If you renamed your device name, then you have to go through step 1 and step3 again to discover your new named device.

    If you need help, just email us at and we’ll be sure to take care of you.

    How To Reset intelliPLUG

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